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Volunteer Opportunities

Richmond District Food Security Network

Get to know your senior neighbors by engaging in conversation and delivering weekly groceries to their home. Cantonese and Russian speakers encouraged to apply!

Pick Up Location: 741 30th Ave

Contact: Idalia Bamert at

Phone: 415-751-6600

RDNC Food Pantry

Come volunteer as an individual or with a group Thursday from 1-4 pm at 741 30th Ave.

Contact: Idalia at 415-751-6600 or


St. Johns Food Pantry

Saturday Mornings 7:15-8:30AM

Contact: Jackie Autry at

Richmond District YMCA

Join with the over 2000 volunteers already helping their neighbors, their communities, themselves and building a better future for all of us.


Golden Gate Park

Are you excited to volunteer in San Francisco’s more than 225 parks and recreation facilities? Volunteers like you contributed 147,367 hours this past fiscal year – representing an invaluable contribution to our city in efforts as diverse as planting trees in Golden Gate Park, teaching Zumba at a local Rec Center, or painting faces at special events. Find opportunities in every corner of the city that are as diverse as your interests, skills, and abilities. Our volunteers include individuals and school, community, business, and international groups.


Phone: 415.831.6330


Community Music Center

Community Music Center benefits from the help of many wonderful volunteers and can always use more! Work-study opportunities are available for students over 18 who wish to earn credit toward their fees. Preference will be given to continuing students. Here are some of the areas CMC can use help with: Front office reception, Mailings, Poster and flier distribution, Staffing outreach events, Concert setup, ushering and donations, Event and concert photography,etc.


Beach Clean Up

Ocean Beach Cleanups-First and third Sundays each month 10 a.m. – 12 p.m. Meet at Stairwell 17

Baker Beach Cleanups-Last Saturday each month 10 a.m. – 12 p.m. Picnic table near beach entrance