We believe the Richmond District Neighborhood Center’s programs are only as good as the people who run them. Contact our team of administrative and program staff to learn more about our services.








415.751.6600   info (at) rdnc.org

Michelle Cusano, Executive Director, michelle (at) rdnc.org
Roz Grant, Fiscal Director, rgrant (at) rdnc.org
Megan Han, HR Manager, meganh (at) rdnc.org
Richard Hom, Administrative Coordinator, richardh (at) rdnc.org

Neighborhood & Family Services


Sarah Huck, Director of Neighborhood Services, sarah (at) rdnc.org
Yves Xavier, Neighborhood Services Program Manager, yves (at) rdnc.org, 415-867-7724
Vernice Ross, Home Delivered Groceries Coordinator, vernice (at) rdnc.org
Idalia Bamert, Neighborhood Services Enrichment Coordinator, idalia (at) rdnc.org

RDNC Elementary Programs
at Argonne, Alamo, Lafayette, and George Peabody Elementary Schools


David Alexander, Program Director, david (at) rdnc.org
Tara Anastasi, RDASC Associate Director, tara (at) rdnc.org, 415-696-3773
Linda Acuna, Program Manager, George Peabody linda (at) rdnc.org, 415-867-7720
Cindy Chung, Program Manager, Alamo, cindy (at) rdnc.org, 415-867-7723
Simone Crew, Program Manager, Lafayette, simone (at) rdnc.org, 415-867-1113
Chris Krupa, Program Manager, Argonne, ckrupa@rdnc.org, 415-867-7724

RDNC Beacon at George Washington High School


Chris Tsukida, Beacon Director, chris (at) rdnc.org
Cass Terry, Beacon Education Director, cass (at) rdnc.org
Heather Franco, Leadership and Employment Programs Manager, heather (at) rdnc.org
A.J. Frigillana, Leadership and Employment Programs Assistant Manager, ajfrigillana (at) rdnc.org
Robert Hand, High School After School Program Manager, robert (at)rdnc.org, 415-770-5857
Lucas Palumbo, High School After School Assistant Manager, lucas (at) rdnc.org, 415-770-5857
Madeleine (Maddie) Mandich, Management Program Manager/LMFT madeleine (at) rdnc.org
Sean Murray, L.E.A.D. Case Manager, sean (at) rdnc.org

RDNC Beacon at Roosevelt and Presidio Middle School

Bessie Natareno, Program Manager, Roosevelt Middle School, bessie (at) rdnc.org, 415-770-5883
Cody Aguirre, Program Manager, Presidio Middle School cody (at) rdnc.org, 415-770-5851