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Artist Bios

  Allegra Bandy – Vocalist/Creative/Producer/Educator

Hypnotic melodies, ancient rhythms, soulful funk, and a voice that will melt you out of your skin, is the music of Allegra Bandy. Allegra Bandy has been writing and performing music that challenges social and societal norms, as well as music that inspires self-expression, self-preservation and transformation. Home based in Oakland, CA, as well as a native of San Francisco, CA, Allegra Bandy has been performing mostly Jazz, R & B, soul, Latin, Classical, Renaissance, 20th Century and Medieval music in the San Francisco Bay Area. She will be performing on the main stage at Our Story!


  Kelly Feist – Jewelry Maker


Kelly started Shiny Objects By Kelly in 2016 and creates beaded jewelry with high quality materials. Her sole purpose in this endeavor was to help heal from anxiety and PTSD. She finds creating is the best form of therapy and a great way to express herself. She loves when her creations get sent off to their new owners.  She feels as if sending the best parts of her out into the world to bring a little joy to others is the best medicine! Kelly will be showing and selling her jewelry at Our Story!


  Femme Deadly Venoms – Musical Duo


Femme Deadly Venoms includes Bay Area based MC and vocalist Aima the Dreamer and DJ, producer and vocalist Lady Fingaz in a sweet gumbo of Hip Hop, Funk, Soul and Electronica. Aima the Dreamer has been rockin’ crowds for over a decade or two as a talented MC, poet and vocalist, and a strong, feminine woman who easily holds her own in a male-dominated industry. As the child of a musician some of Lady Fingaz earliest memories revolve around the stage, taking in her father’s gigs, and often sitting in to sing with the band. From this musical beginning she began studying piano at an early age and in her teenage years would soon discover and enthrall herself into the art of djing and turntablism. This dynamic duo shares a musical point of view that spans a plethora of genres. A refreshing balance between smart and sultry lyrics over smoking hot beats. Lady Fingaz and Aima the Dreamer show the world that their music is a journey and not a destination.


  Alice Koswara- Graphic Designer


Alice Koswara is a graphic designer and contemporary artist living in San Francisco. She graduated from the Academy of Art University with a BFA in Graphic Design in 2001. Her latest work is a series of female portraits done in watercolor and ink. Her work will be for sale at Our Story! Instagram: alicekoz


  Brook McLeod – Designer


 Wool Street is a small soft goods design and production studio based in the Potrero Hill neighborhood of San Francisco.  Wool Street was founded by Brook McLeod, a fashion design graduate of California College of the Arts (CCA) in San Francisco. After school, She gathered fashion and soft goods experience at Levi’s, smaller boutiques and a textile company, all the while desiring to create her own line.  These experiences cultivated a desire in her to conceptualize and manipulate materials to make interesting tactile objects that are unique but still remain functional. Along with meaningful design and craft Wool Street’s main focus is to keep things local. All of their products are designed and made in San Francisco. They make unique canvas totes featuring stitched corded designs of California landmarks.  Everything is sourced as close to home as possible. She tries to utilize small local businesses whenever she can in her process. This approach comes from a growing need to support small dwindling US factories and manufacturers, the little guys, just like her. Wool Street is her small attempt toward a much larger goal of bringing self-sufficiency back to the States without sacrificing quality and design. In turn, she hope you feel a sense of pride while shopping for a homegrown product!


  Kristi Holohan – Artist/Organizer/Educator


Of Finnish American decent and based in Oakland, California, her work (often on reclaimed materials and of organic animal amalgamations) is based on her connection with the natural world and her experiences in the socio-political surroundings. She works in a variety of media from pen and ink, acrylic, book-binding, silkscreen, jewelry making and more!


  Felicia Ann – Illustrator / Graphic Artist


From Oakland, Felicia started her career in the Bay Area in 2011, after graduating from Academy of Art in San Francisco. Of Chinese-Malaysian descent, she blends her rich Southeast-Asian heritage with traditional and digital art, and expresses her work in the female form.  Felicia also has a strong interest in science and space which is reflected in her most recent works.  Felicia believes that ART IS NOT DEFINED BY ITS MEDIUM and so she works in a range of mediums from acrylics to pencil and sumi ink, but finds the most freedom in digital painting. Challenging the common misconception that digital art is a lesser form of art, her recent works are mostly done digitally which are then combined with other mediums to create texture and depth.To see some of her work, visit her website at


  Drea Ruth – Mixed Media Artist


Northern California native whose work emphasizes her day to day life in California using mixed medias.


  Laura Marshall – Watercolor and Portraiture Artist


Laura is an Oakland, CA based artist, primarily working in acrylic and gesso on wood, window, canvas, or other often discarded materials. She specializes in watercolor and portraiture. She’s constantly drawn to facial expression and loves the challenge of capturing a person’s mood, essence, and emotion. She works from her abstract backgrounds and finds forms and figures to complete her pieces. She aims to let the viewer take what they will away from the pieces she creates, and refrains from injecting too much meaning into her


  Miki Fujiwara- Artist/salonniere/activist


Miki is active in NYC and San Francisco with substantial experience in digital and traditional arts.  She was mesmerized as a child by visual arts, especially Classicism.  The majority of her works are Memento Mori depicting young and powerful female images on large size canvases. She is also a firm believer in community activism through arts and expression.  Miki Fujiwara currently splits her time between San Francisco and NYC and is busy raising her 12 year-old son.


  Lisa Pisa- Mixed Media Painter


Oakland native artist, Lisa Pisa, fell in love with art since her childhood days of drawing Garfield and Ninja Turtles. Lisa is best known for her stylized mixed media paintings that reflect her playful personality and her love for hip-hop culture. Lisa, whose father is French and mother is Japanese, believes that her culturally diverse upbringing influenced her creatively unique style of art. Growing up, Lisa collected toys, unusual trinkets, records, and other items that she was able to incorporate into her artwork. Lisa earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts from California State University, East Bay and then spent some time in Kagoshima, Japan to further explore her cultural roots and find more inspiration for her art. Since her return from Japan, she has been involved in several art shows and gallery openings in the Bay Area and overseas. In addition to creating artwork for galleries, Lisa is a freelance sign artist and has painted murals for various local businesses, including the commercial music streaming company Spotify in SF. She believes that it’s important to not over think her creations in order to capture “the moment” and tries to maintain the mantra of not taking herself too seriously as an artist.


  Margaret Grisz Dow – Ceramicist

margaret griz

Margaret Grisz Dow approaches the surface of her wheel thrown and slab formed ceramic pieces like a canvas. Using handmade brushes, she paints in vivid colors on simple, functional forms using Asian brushwork and a Korean incised technique called, Mishima. Margaret has exhibited her work internationally in galleries and museum shops in the U.S., Japan, Canada, France, and Spain. She is on the Board of Directors for the Berkeley Potters Guild, a member of the Association of California Clay and Glass Artists, the American Craft Council and CERF, Craft Emergency Relief Fund. She is passionate about her clay work, teaching art to children and adults, yoga, and lives out by the ocean in San Francisco with her husband Duncan, college age daughter, Isabel, two dogs, a kitty and cockatiel.


  Sonia Leticia – Illustrator


Sonia Leticia is an illustrator based in San Francisco, CA. She illustrates imaginary characters and creatures in fantastical settings using ink, watercolor and digital mediums. She imbues her work with storytelling elements that she hopes sparks curiosity and a sense of wonder from the viewer.


  Jen Kindell – Artist and Educator

jen kindell

Jen Kindell is an independent artist based in the Mission District. Her current collection of hand printed serigraphs are inspired by the abundance and diversity of California produce. She has collaborated with local arts and community organizations such as Mission Pie and 18 Reasons.  She is a teaching artist at the DeYoung Museum and you can find her at the Mission Community Market every other week selling her work. ​web:



  Eve Alridge- Illustrator


Eve Aldridge is a children’s book illustrator whose work appears in Sarah’s Story by Bill Harley, Hurry Granny Annie by Arlene Alda, and Sing My Song, by Steve Seskin.  She’s also illustrated for UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital, Center for the Collaborative Classroom and the SF Chronicle.  Current political events and author Toni Morrison’s statement: “This is precisely the time when artists go to work,” prompted  her to ask – How can I bring my talents to the resistance table? The result, What’s New Pussy Hat? postcards, can be used to thank, encourage, decry and denounce elected officials.  With this fly-by-the-seat-of-her-pants endeavor, she’s thrilled to be able to perpetuate the Women’s March momentum, encourage resistance while having a bit of fun, and raise funds for the ACLU, Southern Poverty Law Center and Planned Parenthood. Eve graduated from California College of the Arts (CCA) with a BA in illustration and lives in Oakland, CA. Her artwork and postcards can be seen on her website: and her postcards will be available for purchase at Our Story!


  Katlyn Kies- Painter

Katlyn Kies

Katlyn Kies is a contemporary abstract painter who graduated in 2013 from California State University of Long Beach with a BFA in Drawing and Painting. Inspired by the vibrant and progressive art community of San Francisco, Katlyn moved to Alameda shortly after graduation to pursue her own career in art. Her most recent work delves into the themes of order and chaos, body and consciousness, and how those ideas come together to form one’s perception of reality. Her paintings and high quality prints will be on display and available for purchase at Our Story! You can view Katlyn’s work at


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