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Artist Bios

  Allegra Bandy – Vocalist/Creative/Producer/Educator

Hypnotic melodies, ancient rhythms, soulful funk, and a voice that will melt you out of your skin, is the music of Allegra Bandy. Allegra Bandy has been writing and performing music that challenges social and societal norms, as well as music that inspires self-expression, self-preservation and transformation. Home based in Oakland, CA, as well as a native of San Francisco, CA, Allegra Bandy has been performing mostly Jazz, R & B, soul, Latin, Classical, Renaissance, 20th Century and Medieval music in the San Francisco Bay Area. She will be performing on the main stage at Our Story!


  Kelly Feist – Jewelry Maker


Kelly started Shiny Objects By Kelly in 2016 and creates beaded jewelry with high quality materials. Her sole purpose in this endeavor was to help heal from anxiety and PTSD. She finds creating is the best form of therapy and a great way to express herself. She loves when her creations get sent off to their new owners.  She feels as if sending the best parts of her out into the world to bring a little joy to others is the best medicine! Kelly will be showing and selling her jewelry at Our Story!


  Femme Deadly Venoms – Musical Duo


Femme Deadly Venoms includes Bay Area based MC and vocalist Aima the Dreamer and DJ, producer and vocalist Lady Fingaz in a sweet gumbo of Hip Hop, Funk, Soul and Electronica. Aima the Dreamer has been rockin’ crowds for over a decade or two as a talented MC, poet and vocalist, and a strong, feminine woman who easily holds her own in a male-dominated industry. As the child of a musician some of Lady Fingaz earliest memories revolve around the stage, taking in her father’s gigs, and often sitting in to sing with the band. From this musical beginning she began studying piano at an early age and in her teenage years would soon discover and enthrall herself into the art of djing and turntablism. This dynamic duo shares a musical point of view that spans a plethora of genres. A refreshing balance between smart and sultry lyrics over smoking hot beats. Lady Fingaz and Aima the Dreamer show the world that their music is a journey and not a destination.


  Alice Koswara- Graphic Designer


Alice Koswara is a graphic designer and contemporary artist living in San Francisco. She graduated from the Academy of Art University with a BFA in Graphic Design in 2001. Her latest work is a series of female portraits done in watercolor and ink. Her work will be for sale at Our Story! Instagram: alicekoz


  Brook McLeod – Designer


 Wool Street is a small soft goods design and production studio based in the Potrero Hill neighborhood of San Francisco.  Wool Street was founded by Brook McLeod, a fashion design graduate of California College of the Arts (CCA) in San Francisco. After school, She gathered fashion and soft goods experience at Levi’s, smaller boutiques and a textile company, all the while desiring to create her own line.  These experiences cultivated a desire in her to conceptualize and manipulate materials to make interesting tactile objects that are unique but still remain functional. Along with meaningful design and craft Wool Street’s main focus is to keep things local. All of their products are designed and made in San Francisco. They make unique canvas totes featuring stitched corded designs of California landmarks.  Everything is sourced as close to home as possible. She tries to utilize small local businesses whenever she can in her process. This approach comes from a growing need to support small dwindling US factories and manufacturers, the little guys, just like her. Wool Street is her small attempt toward a much larger goal of bringing self-sufficiency back to the States without sacrificing quality and design. In turn, she hope you feel a sense of pride while shopping for a homegrown product!


  Kristi Holohan – Artist/Organizer/Educator


Of Finnish American decent and based in Oakland, California, her work (often on reclaimed materials and of organic animal amalgamations) is based on her connection with the natural world and her experiences in the socio-political surroundings. She works in a variety of media from pen and ink, acrylic, book-binding, silkscreen, jewelry making and more!


  Felicia Ann – Illustrator / Graphic Artist


From Oakland, Felicia started her career in the Bay Area in 2011, after graduating from Academy of Art in San Francisco. Of Chinese-Malaysian descent, she blends her rich Southeast-Asian heritage with traditional and digital art, and expresses her work in the female form.  Felicia also has a strong interest in science and space which is reflected in her most recent works.  Felicia believes that ART IS NOT DEFINED BY ITS MEDIUM and so she works in a range of mediums from acrylics to pencil and sumi ink, but finds the most freedom in digital painting. Challenging the common misconception that digital art is a lesser form of art, her recent works are mostly done digitally which are then combined with other mediums to create texture and depth.To see some of her work, visit her website at


  Drea Ruth – Mixed Media Artist


Northern California native whose work emphasizes her day to day life in California using mixed medias.


  Laura Marshall – Watercolor and Portraiture Artist


Laura is an Oakland, CA based artist, primarily working in acrylic and gesso on wood, window, canvas, or other often discarded materials. She specializes in watercolor and portraiture. She’s constantly drawn to facial expression and loves the challenge of capturing a person’s mood, essence, and emotion. She works from her abstract backgrounds and finds forms and figures to complete her pieces. She aims to let the viewer take what they will away from the pieces she creates, and refrains from injecting too much meaning into her


  Miki Fujiwara- Artist/salonniere/activist


Miki is active in NYC and San Francisco with substantial experience in digital and traditional arts.  She was mesmerized as a child by visual arts, especially Classicism.  The majority of her works are Memento Mori depicting young and powerful female images on large size canvases. She is also a firm believer in community activism through arts and expression.  Miki Fujiwara currently splits her time between San Francisco and NYC and is busy raising her 12 year-old son.


  Lisa Pisa- Mixed Media Painter


Oakland native artist, Lisa Pisa, fell in love with art since her childhood days of drawing Garfield and Ninja Turtles. Lisa is best known for her stylized mixed media paintings that reflect her playful personality and her love for hip-hop culture. Lisa, whose father is French and mother is Japanese, believes that her culturally diverse upbringing influenced her creatively unique style of art. Growing up, Lisa collected toys, unusual trinkets, records, and other items that she was able to incorporate into her artwork. Lisa earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts from California State University, East Bay and then spent some time in Kagoshima, Japan to further explore her cultural roots and find more inspiration for her art. Since her return from Japan, she has been involved in several art shows and gallery openings in the Bay Area and overseas. In addition to creating artwork for galleries, Lisa is a freelance sign artist and has painted murals for various local businesses, including the commercial music streaming company Spotify in SF. She believes that it’s important to not over think her creations in order to capture “the moment” and tries to maintain the mantra of not taking herself too seriously as an artist.


  Eve Aldridge- Illustrator


Eve Aldridge is a children’s book illustrator whose work appears in Sarah’s Story by Bill Harley, Hurry Granny Annie by Arlene Alda, and Sing My Song, by Steve Seskin.  She’s also illustrated for UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital, Center for the Collaborative Classroom and the SF Chronicle.  Current political events and author Toni Morrison’s statement: “This is precisely the time when artists go to work,” prompted  her to ask – How can I bring my talents to the resistance table? The result, What’s New Pussy Hat? postcards, can be used to thank, encourage, decry and denounce elected officials.  With this fly-by-the-seat-of-her-pants endeavor, she’s thrilled to be able to perpetuate the Women’s March momentum, encourage resistance while having a bit of fun, and raise funds for the ACLU, Southern Poverty Law Center and Planned Parenthood. Eve graduated from California College of the Arts (CCA) with a BA in illustration and lives in Oakland, CA. Her artwork and postcards can be seen on her website: and her postcards will be available for purchase at Our Story!


  Katlyn Kies- Painter

Katlyn Kies

Katlyn Kies is a contemporary abstract painter who graduated in 2013 from California State University of Long Beach with a BFA in Drawing and Painting. Inspired by the vibrant and progressive art community of San Francisco, Katlyn moved to Alameda shortly after graduation to pursue her own career in art. Her most recent work delves into the themes of order and chaos, body and consciousness, and how those ideas come together to form one’s perception of reality. Her paintings and high quality prints will be on display and available for purchase at Our Story! You can view Katlyn’s work at


  Jacki Rust – Artist


Jacki Rust has taught art to children for over 10 years, and it shows in her works.   Her oils on canvas, and acrylic inks on panel, often portray children accompanied with mythological creatures on whimsical adventures.  Originating as a street artist, while learning classical oil techniques, Jacki blends the two worlds of low and high brow art, falling some where in the realm of pop-surrealism.


  Meenal Patel – Artist


Meenal Patel is an illustrator, children’s book author, graphic designer, and ceramicist living in San Francisco. She strives to bring curiosity, delight and new perspectives to people of all ages through her work – whether that be in the form of an illustration that offers a peek into a different culture or bringing to life diverse characters in children’s books. She believes in the importance of all people having the opportunity to see themselves reflected in art as well as seeing into other people’s worlds through art. Beyond illustrating, writing and designing she loves reading to her nieces, cooking chana masala and playing with her puppy, Dosa. She will be selling her work at Our Story. Follow along on Instagram @meenal_land and


  Rachelle Agundes – Artist

Photo on 3-28-14 at 9.44 AM #3 - Version 2

Rachelle Agundes’ creative practice has manifested from an exploration of the process of memory and how it becomes distorted through the steady passage of time. The paintings depict collaged images from her environment, memories, family history photographs and dreams- which are filtered through studio processes.  She uses materials and process-driven motifs to manipulate imagery into further realizations. The resulting distortions are a juxtaposing, overlapping, or stacking of space and time. This collaging of space and dieas allows time to fluctuate from past, present and future- much like one’s relationship to time in dreams. Rachelle Agundes was born in Red Bluff, CA. She received her BFA from Notre Dame de Namur University in Belmont, CA and her MFA from Boston University in Boston, MA. Her works have been exhibited in the Bay Area, New York, Boston, Maine and Italy. She currently lives and works in Oakland, CA.


  Mandy McGowen – Baker


Mandy is a professional non-profit worker/youth educator with a side passion for baking. Experience includes millions of youth run bake sales, two years as resident baker for Cafe 15 in Oakland, and 3 years as head chef for Mini Meals, a Sunset Neighborhood Beacon Center cooking class. Why baking? Because food makes people feel happy, connected, and cared for. Favorite flavors include chocolate, salted caramel, and sprinkles. She’s very excited to join Our Story and help showcase the amazing power of women.


  Pia – Jewelry Maker

ashley pia

Pia is the creator of Hawk & Harper jewelry. Growing up in northern California, she was constantly surrounded by the beauty that is found here. She is inspired by nature to create pieces using natural elements such as crystals, turquoise, coral etc. She finds that her biggest inspiration when she goes on nature hikes with her daughter.  Pia believe in the healing qualities of crystals and stones, and believe the right piece can create positivity and healing. WEAR YOUR SPIRIT. Instagram @hawknharper


  Victoria Beckley – Cartographer


Victoria works as a cartographer and a restaurant server. For work she makes functional maps that help disseminate information to the public, and for fun she makes maps that are less functional and more focused on aesthetic. Her maps usually feature only one or two layers of information and little to no text. This allows viewers to use their geographic knowledge to identify locations. These maps can be anything from the highways of Dallas to elevation contours of Maine. Her current focus is on a series highlighting the many wonderful aspects of California.  Victoria’s maps are available on Etsy at


  Leslie Yee-Murata – Jewelry Maker


Leslie is a native San Franciscan and has taught arts & crafts, quilting, and cooking as an SFUSD volunteer and Artist in Residence at Alamo and Commodore Sloat Elementary Schools and at SCRAP, Beacon Programs at  Bay Area After Schools and Public Libraries, and Randal Museum. She loves her job! Creating jewelry brings joy and fulfillment to her life. Purple Fire Gems is a collection of jewelry created with contemporary and vintage semi precious stones with auspicious Asian characters and hand knotted natural fiber cords with sterling silver, 14k & GF or surgical steel wire. A portion of the sales of my jewelry venues are donated to Community Fundraisers, such as Asian Immigrant Women Advocates & Kimchi Senior Center for their programs and various Churches in the Bay Area.


  Diya Varma – Creator


Have you ever been invited to an Indian Wedding and realize you have nothing to wear? Most Indian weddings span 4-5 days, have hundreds of guests, and are chaotically entertaining. They are also rich in Indian garb, ranging from a traditional sari to a contemporary mash-up. But where do you go to purchase an Indian outfit? And how much does one cost? Well, there may be an Indian shop or two in your area. And a trendy Indian outfit is usually around $300 at a minimum. Chances are, you don’t have time to go look for an outfit, and you’ll probably only wear this outfit once. So what’s the solution? We Wear Us is an online platform that allows women to rent designer South Asian wear for a fraction of the retail price. A platform that serves to give aspiring, growing, and established creators a voice to share their stories, and a marketplace to grow their brands. Empowering these creators to expand access of their craftsmanship to women overseas is an opportunity. By exercising this opportunity, our creators directly empower women to wear their stories, and in the process, these stories culminate a woman’s dynamic personality. Launching in 2017. Follow on Instagram for the updates


  Sara Diamond- Photographer and Mixed Media Artist

sara diamond

Sara Diamond grew up in the limitless expanse of Los Angeles. She currently resides in San Francisco, evolving her art. She primarily works in photography and mixed media. Her art has been featured at many galleries and art spaces such as Google, Mountain View; Southern Exposure Gallery, San Francisco; the Harvey Milk Center for Photography, San Francisco; the David Brower Center, Berkeley; The Museum of Craft and Folk Art gift shop, San Francisco; and The Samson Gallery, Boston. Her work has been published in print and through e-publications such as SF WeeklyLA Record, Boston’s Dig MagazineWashington City Paper, and Feature Shoot.


  Karen Stanton-Author/Illustrator

karen stanton

Karen is a published children’s book author/illustrator, artist, teacher and arts education advocate. During a sabbatical in Spain in 2014, she took a design course to practice Spanish in a fun learning environment. Her favorite assignment was an “Abcedario” (an alphabet). Following her own advice (“the more personal, the more universal”), her chosen alphabet theme was My Alphabet of Menopause. (At 54, she was the oldest person in the course including the teachers!)  It was so much fun to do, that she created more: An Alphabet of Adolescence (my youngest child is 16), My Trumpabet and An Alphabet of Activism.  She lives in Oakland California and Valencia Spain with her family and her amazing dog Javier Jorge Juan. Online she lives at


  Lana Tomitch- Jewelry Maker


Illumian Jewelry is the creative child of artist, Lana Tomitch. An Accounting and Finance manager by profession, she re-discovered her artistic pursuit while looking for enjoyable school fund-raising opportunities. Even after her kids grew up, she continued jewelry-making as a right-brain counter-balance to her other work.

Illumian Jewelry pieces are one-of-a kind, hand-made. They blend the artist’s love of fashion and color and are meant to make every woman feel unique and beautiful. The pieces are semi-precious stone and costume jewelry. Illumian Jewelry occasionally collaborates with other artists in the creative community.


  Arianna Featherstone


Growing up in a health oriented household on the coast of Southern California, Arianna had the opportunity to explore the nutritional and spiritual benefits that nature has to provide. She believes that nature has all of the tools to survive, love, connect, heal, and enhance.. and these are the origins in which she goes about the tea creation process. Herban Living uses only 100% certified organic herbs and earth friendly packaging. Each blend is individually handcrafted, some to embrace the mystical, and some to provide the medicinal. Driven by positivity, Herban Living hopes to provide a product that helps put the groove back into your daily grind. Instagram @HerbanLiving , Website:


  Morgan Hale- Weaver



Morgan Hale is a weaver and maker based in San Francisco, California. She fell in love with weaving during college when she entered the sun filled loom room at MassArt. Morgan now weaves from a large floor loom in her living room turned studio space. She finds weaving relaxing and meditative, and her work is propelled by the repetitive rhythm and movement of the process. Texture, pattern, natural elements and the desire to use an ancient technique in a modern way is what inspires her work. To view more of her work please visit or check out her Instagram @m.h.a.l.e


  Mado Todd- Morel- Franco- American Artist


Born in Normandy, France, Mado earned her Design undergraduate degree DNAP, at the Ecole Superieur d’ Art et de Design of Reims, France. In 2015, Mado went on to receive her Master’s of Industrial Design from the Rhode Island School of Design. In addition she studied Urban Sustainability studies at Brown University. Merging art and environmental data she was part of the Experimental Program to Stimulate Competitive Research (EPSCoR), granted by US National Science Foundation. Along with her industrial design masters studies, Mado kept painting and sculpting with glass. Mado is passionate about glass working and has worked alongside Artist Toots Zynsky. Other artists that inspire her are Rodin, Anastasia Vasilakis, Goldie Poblador and Cris Gris.

Her most recent solo exhibitions were “Eros is in the Tree” Annapolis, MD(2014) and “Elle or Lui” San Francisco(2016). Mado paints with a poetic and delicate brush stroke which can sometimes be a praise to love and other times chaos.Her work plays with nature’s beauty and eroticism with much intimacy.


  Sara King – Baker

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Baking Bitch a.k.a. Sara K. King first started baking at the age of seven with her Easy-Bake Oven. Even though her baked creations did not taste or look great, it did not stop her from continuing to bake. She learned how to use a real oven and even received a Kitchenaid standing mixer as a present after dropping not-too-subtle hints to her then live-in boyfriend. After a few years of making treats for friends and co-workers she decided to create the brand of Baking Bitch. She is a strong, sassy feminist who doesn’t have time for bullshit but hopes you enjoy her baked goods. Baking is what she does, and a bitch is who she is. Website:

Instagram: @bakingbitch


  Laura Simon – Artist

laura simon

San Francisco native, Laura Simon has been making art using a wide range of materials since she was a child.  After getting her degree in Fine Arts, focusing on painting and printmaking she decided to pursue a career in Arts Education and began exploring a variety of craft techniques. She now makes beautifully crocheted accessories, unique jewelry pieces, and wall hangings on pieces of wood. All this while teaching art to middle school students!


  Linda Lewin – Author and Producer

linda lewin

Linda Lewin is a children’s book author and video producer.  She produced a series of multicultural storytelling videotapes for kids, told by professional storytellers from five cultures along with a teachers’ guide.  Her books include Fun-to-Read Animal Stories, Pioneer Women of California, Tiny and Toony Teeth, The Spiders’ Journey: A Modern-Day Myth, and one adult title, Dear Ma:  Mother’s Day Letters from Albert Lewin, Hollywood Film Innovator. Ms. Lewin is a former editor at Simon & Schuster Publishers in NYC and a part-time teacher in San Francisco.


  Suzie Ferras-Artist


With a background in drawing, illustration, painting and sculpture, Suzie Ferras has been working professionally in the arts for over 17 years as a fine artist, illustrator, live artist, creative director, creative arts educator, curator and event organizer. Suzie has been one of many championing live art and the inter-arts movement in the San Francisco Bay Area, collaborating with some of the Bay Area’s finest local musicians. In 2008, she founded the art & music collective, Local 365, to help facilitate collaboration and cohesion within local creative culture, while making the fine arts more visible and accessible to local audiences. In 2015, she opened Creative IQ Art Studio on Balboa Street in San Francisco, offering art classes, camps & parties for all ages and featuring fine art by Bay area professional artists in the front gallery. She has exhibited art and/or has done live art with numerous venues locally and abroad, including The de Young Museum, The New York Stock Exchange, Sesame Street (as aired on PBS), and SFJAZZ.


  Eleanor Scott- Artist

eleanor pic

Eleanor Scott is a performing artist, writer, educator and mother. She teaches art in the San Francisco public schools and she does learning and development work at some hip and fabulous tech companies. All this to serve and  support the high, honorable art of parenting.  When Eleanor is not making lunches or planning art marathons, she is finishing a young adult novel, “Charming Girl No More.”  “Time out: don’t bring up gender, OK” premiered at the San Francisco 2016 Fringe Festival.


  Karen Lechelt – Author/Illustrator

karen l

Karen Lechelt is the local (Richmond district) author and illustrator of “What Do You Love About You?” A simple book with the simple message of love yourself.  Although Karen’s picture books are sketched with ink and watercolor, then created on the computer, she has recently begun painting with acrylics. Currently she is creating a series of paintings called “Yellow Girl”. The Yellow Girls are tiny with geometric shapes, cut perspectives and abstractions. Many of the paintings feature yellow girls, doorways, skulls and blob shaped monsters named Doom and Fear. Needless to say this work has been greatly affected by the current political climate. Learn more about her paintings, book and chocolate habit at


  Sylvia Vientulis – Printmaker & Artist


 Unique, handmade pieces add warmth and whimsy to your life. Through a variety of media and techniques Sylvia offers prints, ceramics, whimsical objéts, wearables and mixed media pieces for table, garden, adornment and home. Each piece is made in her native San Francisco, a city that offers so very many opportunities for inspiration.

Her work draws upon an array of evolving iconography stemming from travels, new discoveries and a few pet passions. These mix unpredictably and joyfully, gliding across cultural lines & materials. A selection of her work is on view at 1045 Sutter St., SF (

Home studio visits by appointment. Contact her for custom work for special occasions!


  Ania Troszkiewicz- Artist

anna t

I’m an artist, web designer and an illustrator. I came to the US from Poland to feed my curiosity and grow my career. I studied Fine Arts, worked as a VJ, freelanced as a photographer, portraitist and branding designer. I have 3 active kids alternately wearing me out and giving me boosts of energy and love. I advocate for human (all humans) and animal rights. I make art that touches reality in a symbolic and abstract way, taking as a starting point a human figure or a face. You can see my work on and


  Sam- Ceramicist

Processed with VSCO with m3 preset

Sam has many artistic passions, but has found her stride in ceramics. She is a San Francisco based artist. All her ceramics are hand made and thrown off the wheel. This year she has made the big leap of leaving her steady job to do what she really loves. She hopes to encourage women to be what they want to be and to dream bigger.

You can find her work at and follow her on her journies on instagram @samleehello.


  HUMID- Rock Band

humid 1

Humid is a fervid all female rock group from San Francisco. Enticed by eclectic forms of pop, punk and rock n’ roll: from the rattling grooves of post-punk, to the visceral melodies of new wave, the members of Humid meld a sound to call their own. Their songs are tinged in a dark romance of swelling vocal harmonies, pulsating drums, woozy guitars and strident keyboards that arrest and hypnotize. Despite being new as a group, each musician of Humid has previously collaborated in bands that have reflected the yearning spirit of The City’s current underground rock/female/queer community. Humid includes:

Florie Maschmeyer (Keyboard/ Vocals, Vela Eyes

K. Dylan Edrich (Lead Guitar / Vocals, The Mallard)

Janice Artega (Drums, Silver Shadows)

Margot Rhodes (Lead Singer / Guitar, Silver Shadows)

Meredith Brion (Bass guitar)


  DJ Chatoyance of the B-Side Brujas

bside brujas

DJ Chatoyance, (Toya Willock) of the B-Side Brujas, is an Oakland based WOC vinyl DJ that spins souley 45’s. From funk and soul to disco and even some afro and salsa beats, she enjoys having everyone come together and heal through motion and dance. The feel good, sly sounds of the 70’s remind her of her youth. Growing up in poorer areas of Philly, before taking a train across the country to the bay area with her mom at age 7, she learned the harsh realities of the world, and how we possess the power to change our own paths early on.

Self expression through music has gotten us through some very tough circumstances. With everything going on, our community needs these times to shake it all off and just groove together. The B-Side Brujas aim to create spaces for women to feel empowered to do just that. Music and movement have always been a part of Toya’s life as a vocalist, actress, and dancer, she has been involved in many productions around the bay.


  Bella Zhang – Designer


Bella Zhang makes diverse pieces of jewelry from salvaged parts of vintage / costume jewelry as well as other found objects. She is a recent graduate with a degree in Visual Communication and started Bellita Shop as passion project – combining her love of craft & design with the desire to help the environment and empower women. Bellita Shop is stocked with handmade statement jewelry, visually inspired by the funky & fabulous.


  Delfina Piretti- Visual Artist


Delfina Piretti is a visual artist and a licensed expressive arts psychotherapist with a private practice in the Inner Richmond since 1995. She teaches Expressive Arts Therapy at the California Institute of Integral Studies. In her private practice she blends somatic psychotherapy and expressive arts therapy, specializing in the treatment of anxiety, traumatic stress, and depression as well as grief and addiction.

Piretti’s studio work incorporates painting, mixed media works, installation, and public art. Delfina’s artwork is informed by her interest in the psyche,  Zen Buddhism and her Italian cultural roots. She was named after her Italian Nonna Delfina. In 2009 she did an artist residency in Southern Italy where she led a dream painting workshop for children and their families in the hilltop village in the Basilicata region. She has facilitated workshops through The International Expressive Arts Therapy Conference in California, Canada and Peru.

Delfina graduated from Antioch University West where she studied expressive arts and clinical psychology.  She went on to pioneer innovative programs such as Project Sanctuary (one of the first battered women’s shelter in Northern California), SAGE (an agency designed for women traumatized from prostitution and commercial sexual exploitation ) where she was the first Clinical Director. She created and implemented expressive arts therapy groups in jails for seven years and integrated expressive arts into an elementary school violence prevention program. She has done two public art projects with The Sage Project and incarcerated women through the S.F. Arts Commission.


  Michelle Chandra- Artist

michelle chandra

Michelle Chandra is a San Francisco-based designer, developer, and artist interested in the creative and artistic application of data to varied mediums including maps, photography and music. In 2016, Michelle founded Dirt Alley Design just off a dirt alley in San Francisco. At Dirt Alley Design, Michelle creates interactive art prints in which you can wander the actual streets of San Francisco, Brooklyn and Barcelona as puzzle mazes! Michelle creates each maze print by transforming city street grids into solvable puzzle mazes where you have to find your way to famous destinations such as San Francisco’s Twin Peaks or Coney Island in Brooklyn! Michelle studied art, tech and code at NYU’s Interactive Telecommunications Program.Her work has been featured in many publications including the Daily Mail, the Washington Post, Engadget, Gizmodo, and the Creator’s Project.

Personal Website:

Dirt Alley Design website:


  Jennifer Clifford- Screenprinter


Jennifer was an interior designer for 10 years before deciding to pursue a full time art career. She has always been drawn to texture, the juxtaposition of pattern and bold color. In college she developed a passion for collage art. Today her work is a reflection of that passion, melded with the vibrant textiles and wallpapers she loved and used while practicing interior design.
In 2009, she took up a new hobby that paved the way for a career change years later: screenprinting. She wanted to do something creative with her vast photo collection of skylines and icons taken on my urban hikes around San Francisco. After some experimentation, she started screen printing her images on her large supply of wallpaper samples. Her screenprints range in size, shape and they appeal individually yet make a larger impact in multiples. She hopes you enjoy my whimsical creations as much as she enjoy making them. Her art will be for sale at Covet during Our Story!
  Dhaya Lakshminarayanan- Comedian


Dhaya Lakshminarayanan is the 2016 winner of the Liz Carpenter Political Humor Award (previously awarded to Samantha Bee, Wanda Sykes and satirist/humorist Mark Russell) presented by the National Women’s Political Caucus. KQED named her one of the twenty “Women to Watch” a series celebrating women artists, creatives and makers in the San Francisco Bay Area who are pushing boundaries in 2016. The SF Weekly named her one of the “16 Bay Area performers to watch in 2016.” She was named one of “The Bay Area’s 11 Best Standup Comedians” by SFist. The San Francisco Bay Guardian named her Best Comedian 2013 in the “Best of the Bay” Readers’ Poll. Comedy Central Asia crowned her the Grand Prize Winner of “The Ultimate Comedy Challenge” filmed in Singapore.

Her list of credits include the Bridgetown Comedy Festival (Portland, OR), San Francisco Sketchfest, the Boston Comedy Festival (semifinalist), the Limestone Comedy Festival (Bloomington, IN) and Laugh Your Asheville Off (Asheville, NC). She has opened/featured for or worked with the following: Janeane Garofalo, Marc Maron, Greg Behrendt, Jello Biafra, Dick Gregory, Anthony Jeselnik, Maz Jobrani, and Greg Proops. Dhaya  introduced former Vice President Al Gore at an event. He then laughed onstage at her joke, so technically she once opened for Al Gore.

Dhaya is also a TV host and storyteller. She hosted the premier year of the Emmy award-winning series High School Quiz Show on PBS’s WGBH. She is a frequent comedic storyteller on NPR’s Snap Judgment and has appeared live in Austin on The Risk podcast. She is currently the host of San Francisco’s monthly Moth StorySLAM after winning a Moth StorySLAM and competing in the GrandSLAM at the Castro Theater (capacity 1400). ON24 awarded her the grand prize for “Best Travel Disaster Story.”

She is a solo performer, and her first play “Nerd Nation” was funded in parts by The Asian Pacific Islander Cultural Center of San Francisco and support from DIVAfest which supports new and developing works by female playwrights. Her workshop run in San Francisco sold out.

The Boston Globe, The Bay Guardian, and The San Jose Mercury News have all run profiles about her. Prior to funny and show business Dhaya was a venture capitalist, management consultant, and two-time MIT graduate. She is a favorite at corporate events, panels, CEO conferences, and company-wide programs. You can indeed call her a nerd. She will be performing at Eats during Our Story.


  Amber DeLaRosa- Musician


Amber DeLaRosa has been writing and performing songs since she was a young girl. In 2014 she recorded her first demo and began playing local shows in her hometown of Sacramento. Since then she has shared the stage with national acts and released a full band EP “Everyone I Love” under the name Flourish. More music can be found at as well as Apple Music, Itunes and Spotify”. She will be performing at Eats during Our Story.


  Kate Cheng –Jewelry Designer

kate cheng

Kate Cheng is a San Francisco-based jewelry designer and owner of S for Sparkle an independent company that specializes in simple, handcrafted jewelry made of high quality material.


  Yvette M. Brown   Figurative Oil Painter

Bemused Yvetted

As the white mother of two adopted African-American boys, San Francisco-based artist Yvette M Brown isn’t able to be “colorblind.” And after hearing so many friends and fellow parents tell her that they were she found the inspiration for a new series of paintings that confront the issue of race in a provocative, disruptive way. Her ColorBlind paintings are a series of faceless portraits in which the race of the subject is left to the viewer to determine. The ColorBlind series uses the same rich detail and flowing fabrics that infused her previous paintings of abstracted figures caught on that fine line of tension between balance and falling.


  Rita Sapunor – Artist & Writer


Rita spent the past year writing, drawing, and self publishing comics that made her private life public knowledge. She believes in the power of personal stories as a means of creating meaningful connections and challenging dominant narratives around gender, race, and class. Her work has appeared in New York Magazine, Vice, and the RESIST! anthology. | @ritalately


  Hayley Benham- Archdeacon


Hayley runs Shut Down Third Space standup showcase, the only running comedy show in Davis, CA. She has brought Sacramento’s Legendary Pun Battle and Adult Swim’s David Lieb Hart to Davis, and performed at the Sacramento Punchline, Laughs Unlimited and Cobb’s Comedy Club in San Francisco. She also produces Here to Stay, a standup showcase benefiting progressive causes in the era of Trump, bimonthly at El Rio in the Mission. If you’re into defensive millennial material, cliche sassiness and pop-sociology references, you’ll love her. If not you, your Berniecrat aunt probably will.


  Mary Joy- Tattoo Artist


Mary Joy is a San Francisco based tattooist and artist. She studied classical and modern painting and drawing in San Francisco and at the Accademia di Belle Arti in Florence, Italy. She has worked in several visual forms, including murals, printmaking, zines and sign painting.

She got her start as a tattooist from Ed Hardy in 2007 and has been tattooing at his shop, Tattoo City ever since. She specializes in traditional tattooing. She also tattoos in London, Paris, Milan and New York at conventions and other tattoo studios.

In addition to tattooing, she makes etchings, watercolor paintings and ballpoint pen drawings on antique handkerchiefs (paños).Her tattooing and artistic interests focus on prison art, Victorian expression, classical art, mysticism and the occult. Her art has been exhibited in museums and galleries around the world.

Instagram: @maryjoytattoo


  Melanie Alves- Portraiture Artist


My art focuses on social and cultural issues, such as gun violence and refugee crisis, immigration and “culture of fear”. My artwork addresses how society is losing its core human values by focusing on power, greed, the individual and deception. My recent work has been portraits of refugee children living in refugee camps and my newest Project “Permanent life in a female body” is a thorough study into different women’s life experiences from birth to now, and how it distinguishes them or brings them closer to one another. The artwork involves interviews, pictures and two final pieces to portrait the women in question.



  Lexi Martinez- Illustrator


Lexi is a San Francisco based illustrator. Her medium ranges from acrylic on canvas to Copic markers. Lexi started creating art for product in 2015 and has since developed a print + stationery line, Likely Lexi. Her work showcases her love of florals, bold colors, and delicate hand gestures. She feels the most inspired on foggy days or late at night drawing in bed


  Brother Spellbinder- Band

brother spellbinder

Brother Spellbinder veers off the beaten track with plaintive vocals, unusual arrangements, and a variety of textures. Incorporating elements of folk, gypsy jazz and indie, the music moves from rousing and infectious to dreamy and fragile. Lyrics flow from the uncensored mythical realm of the human psyche to the here and now of human experience. Brother Spellbinder aims to enchant in the age of disenchantment.

The daughter of Big Brother & The Holding Co.’s original drummer – Dave Getz – singer/songwriter Alzara Getz grew up in a rock-n-roll scene and learned early that music could move mountains. As a public health social worker her deep interest in how people heal – or not – is a source of inspiration for songwriting. After years of performing with a variety of bay area bands she decided it was time to lead her own. She formed Brother Spellbinder with roots guitarist Jamie Wilson in 2012. Wilson was an early graduate from San Francisco’s School of the Arts High School and counters Alzara’s dulcet voice with a dollop of gristle. Rice masters graduate Gabriel Beistline adds transcendent melodies and velvet bass tones on cello. Seasoned drummer Steve La Porta steers the songs with  steady and intricate rhythms. Steve Bollhoefer charms the audience with playful improvs and occasional jumping jacks.


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