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Middle School

Welcome to the Richmond Village Beacon!


A program of the Richmond District Neighborhood Center


The Richmond Village Beacon After School programs are committed to providing young people with healthy snacks, safe spaces and quality academic, recreation and enrichment activities every day. 


Students at Roosevelt Middle School and Presidio Middle School have the opportunity to choose from a variety of enrichment classes every to nine weeks.  These “Skill Squads” may include options like Basketball, Pixel Art, Flag Football, Skateboarding, DIY Designers, Homework Help and more.  Each youth will also be assigned to year-long grade level group called a headquarter.  Headquarters are spaces for youth to come together, check-in with an adult ally, and participate in fun activities that support social-emotional skill building and academic accountability.


Summer programs are also available to keep all middle school youth healthy, safe and engaged.


Attendance and Capacity

Beacon Middle School make every effort to work with families to accommodate their schedules and will prioritize placement for families who need our services daily and can meet the attendance requirements.  All middle school programs require, as mandated by our SFUSD grants, that participants attend 3 days per week and at least 9 hours per week. 

We maintain a 1 : 20 ratio of staff to participants in all middle school programs and activities.  In our efforts to serve over 200 young people at each site daily, our capacity is limited by our ability to hire qualified staff.

If you would like to make a hiring recommendation, please send resume and cover letters to Hiring and interview process will begin in June and continue on a rolling basis throughout the year.


Participation Requirements

RDNC membership is required for all programs.  A $10 annual membership fee allows youth to register for any RDNC program for which they qualify.

To register for Beacon’s Middle School After School Programs, participants must meet the following criteria:

Attend a SFUSD middle school

Complete an online registration form and update as needed

Attend program at least 3 days and 9 hours each week.

If your participant cannot commit to 3 days of programming, please do not register.

Fill out a permission form (ER Form), if participant leaves before 6 PM

Contact the Richmond Village Beacon at 415.750.8554 for more information.