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Mental Health Services

Richmond Area Multi-Services, Inc. (RAMS)

RAMS is a private, non-profit comprehensive mental health agency committed to providing community-based, consumer-guided, and culturally competent services to meet the mental health, vocational, social, residential and educational needs of underserved members of the San Francisco community. The agency has special expertise in working with Asian American, Pacific Islander, and Russian-speaking communities. Founded in 1974 in the Richmond District, RAMS is dedicated to promoting consumer choice, empowerment, and accessibility of services through advocacy, education, research, and high quality services in over 30 languages at 30 diverse programs.

Address: 3626   Balboa St. San Francisco,CA94121


Community Youth Center

Originally founded to address the problems of juvenile delinquency and gang violence in Chinatown, CYC has grown to encompass behavioral health, education, intervention, leadership development, street outreach and workforce development in all our programs. We offer services directed at responding to the complex set of issues the youth in our community face including acculturation, difficulties in school, economic hardship, substance abuse, and gang involvement. Our educational enrichment, leadership building, and job-readiness programs have earned CYC a unique reputation as a key agency for Asian youth services in San Francisco.

Location: 319 Sixth Ave(Employment Office); 1038 Post Street (Main Office/Clubhouse)

Phone: 415-752-9675 (Employment Office); 415-775-2636 (Main Office)



Institute on Aging

Institute on Aging works to enhance the quality of life for adults as they age by enabling them to maintain their health, well-being, independence and participation in the community. We serve a diverse population of older adults and disabled adults by providing innovative, community-based programs that enable our clients to live at home for as long as possible. We serve as an essential partner in the continuum of care by providing health services, social and emotional support, and education and advocacy.

Location: 3575 Geary Boulevard, SF, CA 94118


Phone: 415-750-4111


Felton Institute ( formerly Family Service Agency of San Francisco)

Our services are comprehensive and reach across all racial, ethnic, cultural, social and linguistic lines. More than 70% of our clients have annual incomes below the poverty level, about 65% of the clients are of ethnic or racial minorities, and over half are female. Our programs have been recognized as national models and have received the highest possible ratings from San Francisco’s Department of Public Health.

Location: (Main) 1500 Franklin Street; (Prevention and Recovery in Early Psychosis) 6221 Geary Street, 2nd Floor

Contact: (Main) 415-474-7310 (PREP) 415-476-7278