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Donors and Supporters

Thank you to our supporters, sponsors, friends and neighbors!



Friends of RDNC Giving Circle
Marie Conroy-Salbi
Emilia De Luz
Helen and Raj Desai
Sandra Fewer
Jeffrey* and Karlene Holloman
Edie Mendez
Rosa Quintara
Michael Riordan*
Hannelore and Joel Romero
Pamela Smith
Helen Yee*

$50,000- $60,000
Community Challenge Grant Program

Woodlawn Foundation

Pacific Gas and Electric Company
The Bernice Hemphill Trust
The Whitman Institute

Hellman Foundation
Metta Fund
Miranda Lux Foundation
Qatalyst Group

Jeffrey and Karlene Holloman*

$2,000- $4,999
California Bank and Trust
Tom and Liz Hoover
The Richard E. Jones Family Foundation
Paola and Richard Kulp
Bonnie and Dan Levitt*

$1,000- $1,999
California Bank and Trust
Jay Cheng
Michelle Cusano** and Derek Mendez
Emily Hoover** and Joseph Finnigan
Dexter and Patricia Louie
Elizabeth and Oliver Jenkyn
In memory of Tricia Tsuzuki**
Joanne Low and Carroll Tom
Brian Shepard*
Helen and Daniel Ye*
People’s First and Matt Fabela
Recology SF
Pacific Western Bank
Peter Mansfield
Marjan Philhour
Kaiser Permanente
San Francisco Board of Realtors
San Francisco Federal Credit Union
Wilbur and Dolores L. Woo
The Wesserman Foundation
Shafia Zaloom

$500- $999
Michael Busk
Linda and Bob Fries
David Tai
Juliet and John Kelley
Amy Bacharach* and Matt Skryja
Patrick and Helena Lau
Edie Mendez
Chris* and Christina Antipa
Pamela Smith
Lea Dimond and Thickwick Books
Craig Garfinkel
Eileen Louie and Charles Head
Patricia and Karl Kaussen
Jean Barish
Michael and Patricia Busk
Richard Corriea
Cameron Crismon
Dennis and Hene Kelly
Humphrey Loe
Anna Nordberg Thompson and Brant Thompson
Grace Perkins

$250- $499
Kerry and Yu-Hung Chiang
Ann Gomes
Rose and Travis Dawson, Grocery Outlet
Jenny Tsai
Chris Tsukida**
Karen Chow* and George Sun
Greg Antipa and Wendy Thieler
Ken Lee
Mary Jung
Paul Kozakiewicz
Maryellen Mullin*
Angela Tang
Kavoos Bassiri
Lily Chow
Judy Chow
Charles Corsiglia and Mary El Corsiglia
Emilia De Luz
Linda Ishihara
Peter* and Sarah Lauterborn
Nion McEvoy
June McKay
Michael and Mary Murphy
Brian Neece
Howard and Jacqueline Nemerovski
Sandra Tong
May Ann Wong
Melinda and George Zee

$100- $249
Marilyn Allen
Nancy Brown and Foodlyn
Roz** and Dane Grant
Hannelore and Joel Romero
Reiko Berger
Catherine Weitenback
Raj and Helen Desai
Edward and Leslie Lerner
John and Cho Riordan
Peter and Michelle Williams
Bunker & Company LLP
Stephanie Issacson
Tara and Michael Anastasi
Amanda Jones
Craig and Elizabeth Sparks
Daniel Emina
Donald and Grace Chappell
Anita Ttee
Andrew Dodson
Christopher Borg
Sandra and John Fewer
Dave and Jessica Flemming
Jo anne Lacombe
Martha McKenna
Amy Meyer
Leon and Yenny Parsons
Scott Wiener
Peter Zerzan
Marilyn Allen
Henry Arnold
Mark and Lori Arsenault
J.T. Wells and Yvonne Blaxter
Myra Chow
Jerilyn Gelt
Arlene Getz
Oliver Hack and Heidi Hartsough
Gregory Jayson
Carl Kullmann
Marvel Kwong
Anne Liang and Vahid Sattary
Joe McBride
Walter and Judith Miller
Lelia and George Mozingo
Louise Mozingo
Mutsuhiko and Aki Murashige
Darlene Pederson
Helen and Gus Recinos
Pamela Saint-Pierre
Craig Sparks
William Sam
Stanley Wang and Jenny Yee
Julie Watts
Boots Whitmer and Bob Steiner
Patrick Young and Serena Ng
Emily and William Leider
Patrick Young

$10- $99
Arleen Arellano
Erin Ashworth
Anne Bakstad
Jean Becnel
Laura Bloch
Scott Bowles
Steven Carter and Madelaine Denko
Jennifer Correll
Elizabeth Cusano
Lyndsay Cusano
Annika Ehrlich
Matt Field
Jean Fontana
Ryan Ford
Allison Frost
Benicia Gantner and Lucas Samuels
Jennifer Garboden
Nancy Gots
Emily Grimm
Cara Hall
Kirsten Havrehed
Bruce Hinze and Mary Chan
Ronald Hirsch
Richard Hom**
Sarah Huck**
Michal Hudson
Esther Jennings
Will Kardas
David Ken
Sharli Kesecker
Beth Lederer
Eugenia Lee
Clifford Liehe
Joseph Maser
Captain Frank Masuoka
Joe McBride
Kyle McCann
Linda Mewhinney
William Milestone
Peter Moore
Viola Morris
Mutsuhiko Murashige
Tokie Nerio and Junko Low
Tracy Nguyen
David Ng
Amy Olson
Leon Parker
Peter’s Place
Rebecca Powers
Tricia Principe
Jennifer Quevedo
Rosa Quintana
John Rende
Jenna Rohm
Pamela Saint-Pierre
Beth Skobel
Izumi Sakai and Randy Mon
Patricia Smiley
Joseph Smooke
Craig Sparks
Matthew Steere
Gloria Jeanne Stevens
Rosalind Takeda
Sarah Thai and Kevin Wong
Maggie Thai and Robert Aguilar
Laura Ware
Harry Ja Wong and Joanne Sem Ja
Vanessa Wu
Paul Yee Fung
Paul Yieh
Suzy Yun
John and Laura Rende
Matthew and Erin Steere
Betsy and Jack Darr
Rebecca and Henry Leung
Irving and Rosemary Rothstein
David and Barbara Styles
Nancy and Charles Thornburgh
Danise and Sanford Chandler
Larry and Marie Beckerman
Catherine Weitenback
Paul Yieh

2015-2016 (updated 6/9/16)

*RDNC board member
**RDNC Staff