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Wellness Classes

Whether it’s a yoga class, ballroom dance, or a chance to learn┬áhealthy cooking, our free programs help you stay healthy and connected to your community!

Morning and weekend classes are offered on the campus of RDNC. To join a morning or weekend class please come to RDNC (741 30th Ave.) Evening classes are offered at George Washington High School through the RDNC Beacon. To join and evening program, come to the white bungalow at T-4, located near the intersection of 30th Avenue and Anza (between Anza and Balboa).

If you are coming to your first class with us please come 10 minutes early to fill out a registration form. All classes are on a drop in basis, there is no need to pre-register (except for our free cooking series, please sign up).



Updated on 7/24/17
Fall 2017 Wellness Programs Schedule will be coming out shortly. If you have any questions please contact Yves Xavier ( or 415-751-6600 x 201


*Classes are subject to change based on instructor and space availability*

Class Descriptions:

Martial Arts is a self defense class for all experience levels that is taught through the guise of the Taekwando tradition. In addition to learning techniques the class also focuses on helping participants improve their physical conditioning.

Urban Outdoor Fitness is a fun and fast paced fitness class that uses what is already around you to get you in shape! You may be surprised how little equipment you need to have a great workout! This class is appropriate for all fitness levels. RAIN OR SHINE!

CoreFit is a multi-levels fitness class composed of a mixture of core exercises to condition the whole body. It is designed with various goals in mind such as: sculpt the body, increase energy, enhance overall well-being and promote fat-burning hours after training (or post-exercise). RAIN OR SHINE!


Need More Info? Contact Yves Xavier at 415-751-6600 or email