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Your future is up to you. Richmond Village Beacon (RVB) programs and staff help you find a way forward, no matter the challenges you face.

With three sites at George Washington High School, Presidio Middle School and Theodore Roosevelt Middle School, RVB is a hub for wide-ranging services for youth and adults. Youth offerings range from a wide variety of programs and supports including academic tutoring, case management, performing arts, multi-media arts and technology, cooking, recreation, and leadership programming.

One of nine Beacons in San Francisco Beacon Initiative, RVB is driven by a community schools models that showcases what can be accomplished when schools and communities join forces to prepare for a brighter future. RVB coordinates and delivers key resources and supports to enrich the whole student, including their academic, social, and emotional well-being.

The Beacons receive core funding by the San Francisco Department of Children, Youth and Their Families and additional leveraged funding from a host of private foundations and individual fundraising. RVB has been sponsored and operated since 1998 by the Richmond District Neighborhood Center.

Chris Tsukida
Richmond Village Beacon
(415) 750-8554



The mission of the RVB is to provide a safe, fun and supportive environment in the Richmond District for all youth and adults to explore and reach their full potential through youth development programming, supportive services, and adult enrichment activities in a school based setting. Programming is grounded in the principles of self-determination, cultural and economic diversity, and community building.



Program participants from our culturally and economically diverse community will feel confident and optimistic about all aspects of their lives; develop critical consciousness; recognize that they have choices; and be empowered to advocate for access to societal benefits and resources within a safe and welcoming environment.



Founded in 1998, the RVB was established to fill the need for a safe, accessible and supportive youth and community center in the Richmond District of San Francisco, a culturally dynamic and socio-economically diverse community.

RVB was formed by a planning collaboration of more than 20 individuals, community groups and agencies led by the Richmond District Neighborhood Center to create a shared vision of support for young people, to actively engage them in operating a Beacon Center and to provide young people access to a rich, coordinated array of services, supports and opportunities based on a youth development model.